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Fischmagazin - Self-generated oxygen as a factor for success in fish farming


Forellenhof Sigl has been active in controlled fish farming since 1975. However, the rising temperatures in summer are making it increasingly difficult to keep fish in natural ponds due to the reduced oxygen uptake of the water. Only through the introduction of pure oxygen is it possible to ensure the desired stocking density and sufficient feed uptake by the fish as well as prevent diseases. An INMATEC oxygen generator generates such oxygen in an environmentally friendly manner on-site and provides exactly the right amount of oxygen at all times.

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Top Products Magazine

Top Products - Avoiding explosions in the chemical industry with nitrogen


Producing diesel from plant-based raw materials creates unwanted by-products. Glaconchemie takes such by-products off of biodiesel manufacturers’ hands and uses them to develop high-purity raw materials. Glaconchemie uses self-produced nitrogen to overlay the production steps during further processing.

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KTM- Krankenhaus, Technik und Management

KTM - Save costs with self-produced medical oxygen


Medical oxygen is used to treat patients in many areas at the Hospital of the Sisters of Mercy. For example, oxygen is used in a number of operating theatres and to treat hypoxia in drug addicts in the Czech Republic‘s only detoxification centre. Two oxygen generators made by the German company INMATEC are used to supply the oxygen. This ensures an uninterrupted supply of oxygen and brings significant cost savings to the hospital every year.

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