INMATEC headquarter

Who we are

INMATEC - Worldwide a first address

INMATEC is an international market leader in the production of nitrogen generators and oxygen generators. Developed and produced in Germany, our systems are used all around the world.

Our success story started 1993. With the experience and know-how from over 9,000 installed systems around the world, we prove our effectiveness and quality demands every day.


Where we are

INMATEC – worldwide in the best company

From our head in Herrsching am Ammersee - 30 kilometres southwest of Munich - INMATEC develops and produces systems for global use. The service centres throughout the world are controlled from here.

INMATEC expands its international presence in the regions of the Middle East and Asia with their own sales and service companies.

What we do

INMATEC – One company for everything

Conception, production, commissioning, service: With INMATEC, you receive all services from one source.

With a team of experienced development engineers, production specialist, service technicians and a strong sales team, we produce energy optimised systems for a broad range of applications for a sustainable nitrogen and oxygen production.

Climate and environment protection at INMATEC

Climate and environmental protection

INMATEC - Sustainability for the future

Sustainability for the environment and climate plays an important role in our company. Nitrogen and oxygen are used in a wide variety of industries and in a wide variety of applications – in significant quantities in some cases.

On-site generation of nitrogen and oxygen using our generators significantly reduces the burden on the environment. Companies that use our generators have no need for cylinders and bundles to be delivered by truck on a regular basis. Moreover, rides from tank trucks for filling tanks are omitted. This saves many tons of CO2 and particulate matter every year and eases congestion on the road network.

Inmatec offers integrated solutions that help to keep the primary energy demand for the generation of N2 extremely low. Our innovative hydrogen technology makes it possible to produce high-purity nitrogen with a low demand for compressed air, thus saving up to 70% energy. Moreover, using heat recovery techniques, up to 96% of the energy fed in can be used for heating.

In addition, INMATEC supplies itself with green electricity from 100% hydropower.

Career at INMATEC


INMATEC - What others can only dream of: Work at Ammersee

Are your technical or sales competences in the area of innovative industrial systems? Do you value the special qualities of a medium-sized company? Would you like to work where other people go on holiday? Welcome to INMATEC!

Our nitrogen and oxygen generating systems are more in demand than ever. In particular at our head office in Herrsching am Ammersee - 30 kilometres south-west of Munich – you currently have a particularly attractive outlook as a production and service technician. As a family led company, you can expect a comfortable, personal working environment with INMATEC. A variety of further development opportunities encourage your career and personal development and open new ways to you.

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