IMT MN / Nitrogen generator

Nitrogen Generator

Nitrogen from 4,70 Nm³/h – 160,00 Nm³/h
Nitrogen purity from 95% up to 99,5%

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IMT MN: Produce nitrogen in constant operation with proven membrane technology

Efficient and therefore cost-effective alternative to the previous supply with nitrogen bundles or tank systems.

The IMT MN product line others the possibility to produce nitrogen for the most varied areas of application with proven membrane technology and compact construction as well as low compressed air supply.

The multilingual touch control panel continually measures and monitors all operating values. The touch control panel offers the highest possible protection for the whole production process. All measured values are logged and can be further processed or even remote controlled from any computer workstation in the world by the remote control procedure.

Your advantages

IMT MN / Nitrogen generator
  • Nitrogen at any time and at any place
  • Cost-effective through low operating costs
  • Sophisticated and reliable technology
  • Exact purity for every application
  • No rental commitments as with bottles/bundles and tank systems
  • No CO2 pollution for the environment
  Capacity (Nm³/h)              
  Nitrogen purity (%): 99,5 99,0 98,0 97,0 96,0 95,0  
  IMT MN 1050 4,70 6,70 11,00 15,00 20,00 25,00  
  IMT MN 1150 7,00 11,00 19,00 26,00 33,00 40,00  
  IMT MN 1250 14,00 22,00 38,00 52,00 66,00 80,00  
  IMT MN 1350 21,00 33,00 57,00 78,00 99,00 120,00  
  IMT MN 1450 28,00 44,00 76,00 104,00 132,00 160,00  

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