Several oxygen generators for West Africa

25.01.2022 09:56
Medical oxygen generation plant supplies hospital
Medical oxygen generation plant supplies hospital

Herrsching, 25. January 2022

Medical oxygen generation plant supplies hospital

An oxygen generation system is currently being installed in a West African hospital. The on-site generation of medical oxygen will ensure the supply of the numerous patients in the region in the future. The oxygen is used in the hospital for medical operations and to treat corona patients.

For this purpose, INMATEC puts three larger oxygen lines into operation, which are fed with compressed air by a supplied compressor. The oxygen generation plant is housed in its own hall, from where the oxygen obtained is delivered to the operating theaters and hospital rooms via a network of lines. The oxygen generators each produce 65 m3 of medical oxygen per hour with a purity of between 93.5 and 95%. This amount of oxygen is sufficient to ensure not only patient care but also the filling of 150 oxygen cylinders per day via a corresponding filling system. These oxygen cylinders ensure the supply of doctors in mobile treatments and other smaller hospitals and serve as a back-up in the event of power failures, which are more common in West Africa than in Western Europe.


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