What maintenance costs exist for PSA nitrogen generators/PSA oxygen generators?

For safety reasons, the condition of the generators should be checked at regular intervals and appropriate measures taken to maintain proper condition. As part of the preventative inspection and maintenance work, the trained staff from Inmatec or its service partners ensure that the generators work faultlessly and without malfunctions and have a long service life.
As part of the inspection and maintenance (every 4,000 operating hours, but at least once a year), a wide variety of parameters are measured (including inlet and outlet pressure and pressure dew point), leaks are checked and various functional checks (e.g. electrical) are carried out. This ensures long-term operation of the system in terms of quantity and purity of the gases. In order to permanently guarantee trouble-free operation, the filter inserts are changed here.
After 24,000 operating hours at the latest, we also recommend replacing the valves. Depending on the type, the sensors should be replaced at intervals of between one and three years. The manufacturers usually recommend replacing them every 2 years. The service work for the air compressor is based on the recommendations of the compressor manufacturer.

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