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Generating nitrogen independently and significantly lowering energy consumption

Advanced process for efficient nitrogen production

Increasing purity, lowering costs – with the ingenious combination of a nitrogen generator and hydrogen converter, INMATEC now offers an efficient duo for nitrogen generation. Users are able to save money on the investment as well as during operation.


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BOGE Kompressoren has acquired INMATEC

Acquisition: BOGE Kompressoren has acquired INMATEC GaseTechnologie


As of 1st August, compressed air specialist BOGE and INMATEC are teaming up. The objective: to capitalise on synergies and consolidate the market profile of the companies. As part of the BOGE family, INMATEC will continue to expand its product portfolio in the future. The manufacturer of nitrogen and oxygen generators is located in Herrsching and will remain an independent business unit, continuing to trade under the name INMATEC.


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Information regarding current situation at Inmatec

Update on the current situation at Inmatec


As already known, in March 2023 Inmatec initiated a restructuring process in self-administration. Business operations have been successfully maintained during that phase. Simultaneously with the continuation of operations, Inmatec has started an investor search process in order to secure the long-term operations by bringing in a new strategic partner. From the beginning of the process, a large number of strategic partners expressed interest in Inmatec.

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