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19.05.2021 10:27
Consul General thanks Inmatec Herrsching for reliable delivery
Consul General thanks Inmatec Herrsching for reliable delivery

Article Starnberger Merkur, 19. May 2021


Consul General thanks Inmatec Herrsching for reliable delivery

Herrsching - Inmatec produces 96 oxygen generators for India's hospitals in Herrsching (we reported). On Monday, the Indian Consul General Mohit Yadav thanked personally for 55 Inmatec systems, which have been supplying intensive care patients with oxygen since December in his country which has been severely affected by the virus - and ordered 41 more large systems. A truly precious commodity, because "the market for oxygen generators has been swept clean", emphasized Inmatec general manager Dr. Peter Biedenkopf. The big plus of Inmatec products: The medical oxygen does not have to be delivered, but is taken from the ambient air and filtered.


The first deliveries were made to the states of Kashmir and Jammu. "These remote regions in the Himalayas have a poor infrastructure and are cut off from the outside world for a few months of the year," said Biedenkopf. As a result, the liquid oxygen that many hospitals in Central Europe use cannot be reliably made available in India. With devastating consequences for those affected in the country with 1.4 billion inhabitants, from which horrible images of people gasping for air and grieving relatives are going through the world. How deadly the mutated virus is, explained the consul general using the example of a relative: "The mutation of the virus attacks directly in the lungs," he said. "My cousin died of Covid-19 on April 29th, although he received excellent medical care."

Yadav is grateful “for the 100 ventilators that Markus Söder (Prime Minister of Bavaria) has supplied us” and called it “a gesture of solidarity”. His government is working flat out on vaccinations for its citizens. "We have already vaccinated 180 million people and are ramping up production," emphasized the Consul General. The situation is still dramatic and has so far claimed more than 250,000 lives.
"In several regions there is still a lack of oxygen to treat patients, despite a four-fold increase in oxygen production between March and September 2020. Fast delivery is essential for the country with the second highest number of corona cases," emphasized Markus Berninger from the marketing department from Inmatec. The company does not have delivery bottlenecks for the components of the systems, said managing director Biedenkopf: "Thanks to the long-term cooperation with the suppliers, we have almost all of the materials necessary for production for the new order in stock."

The oxygen generators, to which 100 to 200 beds are attached, are lifesavers. "And every life is important," emphasized Yadav after the tour of the production facility of the oxygen generators.


Published in Starnberger Merkur 19.05.2021.

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