Oxygen generation for the production of pharmaceutical products
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Oxygen for the production of pharmaceutical products


Oxygen with a purity of approx. 95% is required in many pharmaceutical and biotechnological applications. Certain process steps in the manufacture of medicines, antibiotics, additives, biopolymers or acids are carried out in fermentation reactors, for example. Cell cultures, bacterial strains, and microorganisms are cultivated in this manner. In addition to a special nutrient solution, oxygen is needed for the cultivation process.

Enriching the air in the fermenter with oxygen enables faster proliferation of aerobic organisms in a controlled atmosphere. The 21% oxygen contained in the ambient air is often not enough to ensure a sufficiently high oxygen concentration for high cell densities and growth rates, especially in the liquid phase. By providing sufficient quantities of suitable oxygen generated on-site, the quality, efficiency and productivity of biotechnological processes can be increased both on a laboratory scale and on an industrial scale.

With our oxygen generators, we supply high quality solutions for the stationary and mobile production of oxygen for different applications, including for low volume requirements.

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Our oxygen generators produce oxygen with a purity of up to 95% and delivery quantities of 0,50 - 387 Nm³/h.

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The separation of oxygen molecules from nitrogen molecules is done by means of Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) technology.


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