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Molten pig iron is not immediately usable in steel production. In order to further utilise the pig iron, the carbon content must first be reduced. With the aid of refinement, oxidative processes are initiated by adding oxygen. Such processes remove both carbon and other components, such as sulphur and phosphorus, from the pig iron. There are a range of special methods in this regard, including the converter steel process, the OBM process and the LD process. For example, the oxygen is blown through small holes in the crucible or from above onto the liquid pig iron.

With our oxygen generators, we supply high quality solutions for the stationary and mobile production of oxygen for different applications, including for low volume requirements.

Sauerstoffgenerator / Sauerstoff / O2


Our oxygen generators produce oxygen with a purity of up to 95% and delivery quantities of 0,50 - 387 Nm³/h.

Sauerstoffgenerator wird bedient von Mitarbeitern / Sauerstoff


The separation of oxygen molecules from nitrogen molecules is done by means of Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) technology.


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