Oxygen generator

Oxygen generator

Oxygen from 0,50 Nm³/h - 387 Nm³/h
Oxygen purity of up to 95%

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Oxygen generator for in-house production of oxygen

Oxygen is vital for humans. However, the gas is also used in many industrial applications. In practice, however, covering industrial and medical oxygen needs via cylinders and packs is often associated with supply shortages. This presents a big problem particularly in medicine since an uninterrupted supply of oxygen is essential here for patient care. Moreover, the delivery of oxygen cylinders by lorry is not environmentally friendly.

One alternative to delivery can be found in the production of oxygen on-site using an oxygen generator. In-house oxygen production ensures an uninterrupted oxygen supply. An oxygen generator in the lab, hospital or at the production site delivers oxygen any time and in any quantity. In this context, the oxygen is extracted from the ambient air. In addition to nitrogen and other gases, this ambient air also contains approx. 21% oxygen. This self-produced, dry and clean oxygen is available for a range of applications and is suitable for use as a medical oxygen supply, among other things.

Oxygen generator technology

PSA technology forms the basis for the production of oxygen using an INMATEC oxygen generator. It enables the separation of the oxygen molecules from the nitrogen molecules in the ambient air.

PSA Technology

Pressure swing adsorption (PSA) is a process that is based on the adsorption principle. Here, ambient air is fed under pressure via compressor into the two adsorption vessels in the oxygen generator. The vessels are each filled with a carbon molecular sieve. These sieves bind the nitrogen and carbon dioxide molecules, which constitute the majority component of ambient air at 78%. The oxygen molecules flow freely through the molecular sieves and are fed into a product tank.

This product is dry oxygen. This enables the generation of between 0.50 and 387 m³ per hour using an oxygen generator from INMATEC. The PSA or pressure switching technology allows the product of oxygen with a purity of up to 95%. This complies with the requirements of ISO standards 13485:2016 and 7396-1:2016. In addition, the INMATEC oxygen generators are certified in accordance with the Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC.


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Oxygen generator applications

Oxygen is used in a wide range of areas in many industries. As a vital gas for humans and animals, it is often used in the health sector and in medicine. However, oxygen also plays a crucial role in the production of various goods.

The medical care of patients also involves the supply of medical oxygen. Among other things, oxygen is provided for use here during operations or in mobile emergency medicine. Alongside the swift and uninterrupted provision of oxygen, the purity of the oxygen also plays a critical role here. Medical oxygen has a purity of between 93% and 95%, which can be generated with the help of the PO Med range of INMATEC oxygen generators.

The farming of fish e.g. in aquaculture is normally supported by the addition of pure oxygen. This additional artificially produced and pure oxygen promotes the health and growth of the animals.

Moreover, oxygen can be used for various processes in metal manufacture. Thus carbon, sulphur and phosphorous can be removed from the molten raw iron during the so-called refining process by adding oxygen. This makes it possible to further process the raw iron into steel.

Power and heat are being generated more and more by biogas plants. In addition to biogas, the fermentation of biomass also produces sulphur in the compound alkali sulphide. This corrosive mixture can lead to damage to the bioreactor. A tailored oxygen feed can be used here to remove the sulphur and to avoid this kind of damage.

The manufacture of pharmaceutical products, medications, antibiotics or biopolymers is often aided by the addition of pure oxygen. Various processes during the manufacture of these products are thus performed in fermentation reactors, for example. Cell cultures or microorganisms propagated here are fed with a nutrient solution and pure oxygen. Enriching the fermenter with oxygen enables faster proliferation of aerobic organisms in a controlled atmosphere. This means both the quality and productivity of biotechnological processes can be significantly increased.

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INMATEC oxygen generator

The provision and production of oxygen for the areas of application outlined above can be optimally ensured by using an oxygen generator. This oxygen generator enables the production of oxygen directly on-site to meet the required needs. INMATEC offers both stationary and mobile solutions for oxygen production in this regard. Furthermore, the INMATEC oxygen generators can be seamlessly connected to the existing compressed air system and thus save investment costs.

PSA oxygen generator

Strong entry into the world of oxygen
Oxygen from 0.50 Nm³/h - 8.90 Nm³/h
Oxygen purity up to 93%

IMT PO OnTouch
Networked oxygen production
Oxygen from 0.50 Nm³/h - 8.90 Nm³/h
Oxygen purity up to 95%

Efficient entry into the world of oxygen
Oxygen from 7.50 Nm³/h - 387.00 Nm³/h
Oxygen purity up to 95%

Efficient oxygen production with total control
Oxygen from 7.50 Nm³/h - 387.00 Nm³/h
Oxygen purity up to 95%

Medical oxygen
Oxygen from 0.50 Nm³/h - 387.00 Nm³/h
Oxygen purity up to 95%



Oxygen generator advantages

Oxygen generator, oxygen
  • Oxygen production directly on-site
  • Uninterrupted oxygen supply anywhere in the world
  • Oxygen in the desired quantity at any time
  • Stationary and mobile
  • Lower costs in comparison to cylinders
  • Environmentally friendly


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