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Nitrogen for improved plastic quality


Plastics can be produced using a variety of methods. Nitrogen plays an important role in these methods. With the aid of nitrogen, cycle times in production can be reduced and product quality can be improved. Moreover, the environmental compatibility of plastics can be increased by adding nitrogen.

With regard to injection moulding and fluid injection technology, nitrogen is used to form cavities in the plastic. This allows a lower weight to be realised and material costs to be reduced. In addition, a greater level of stability is achieved in the finished part.

Pipes or hollow chambers manufactured using the extrusion method can be cooled from the inside with nitrogen, which results in smoother inner surfaces and the accelerated cooling process reduces cycle times. This makes it possible to increase production numbers. The use of nitrogen can also improve product quality in relation to polyurethane blow moulds and foams. Production processes can also be shortened.

The plastics processing industry is developing more and more biodegradable plastics in the pursuit of sustainability. Compostable plastics, which are easier to dispose of, are intended to be metabolised by microorganisms. To this end, naturally occurring biopolymers are integrated in the plastic with the aid of nitrogen.

With our nitrogen generators, we supply high quality solutions for the stationary and mobile production of nitrogen for different applications, including for low volume requirements.

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Our nitrogen generators produce nitrogen with a purity of up to 6.0 with residual oxygene amounting to 1.0 ppm and quantities from 0,50 - 10.000,00 Nm³/h.

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The separation of nitrogen molecules from the oxygen molecules is achieved by means of Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) Technology.


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