Nitrogen produstion for laser applications
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Nitrogen improves cutting quality during laser cutting


Laser cutting is used to cut through a wide variety of materials such as metal. Laser cutting is the appropriate method particularly when high precision or speed are required. In this context, nitrogen serves as a flushing and cutting gas that is blown through the kerf at high pressure.

As an inert gas, nitrogen does not react with the molten metal and prevents the cutting edge from coming into contact with oxygen. This prevents oxidation and rust formation at the cutting edges. The result is improved kerf quality.

With our nitrogen generators, we supply high quality solutions for the stationary and mobile production of nitrogen for different applications, including for low volume requirements.

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Our nitrogen generators produce nitrogen with a purity of up to 6.0 with residual oxygene amounting to 1.0 ppm and quantities from 0,50 - 10.000,00 Nm³/h.

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The separation of nitrogen molecules from the oxygen molecules is achieved by means of Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) Technology.


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