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Nitrogen generator

Onsite nitrogen production
Nitrogen purity from 95% to 99,999% (5.0) and 99,9999% (6.0)

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Nitrogen generator for in-house production of nitrogen

Nitrogen is used in a wide range of industrial applications. In practice, however, covering nitrogen needs via cylinders and packs is often associated with supply shortages. Moreover, the delivery of cylinders by lorry is not sustainable on an environmental level.

Generating nitrogen directly on-site using a nitrogen generator offers an optimal solution in this regard. In-house production ensures an uninterrupted nitrogen supply. With a nitrogen generator, nitrogen can be provided in the desired quantity at any time. In this context, the nitrogen is extracted from the ambient air and is available for a wide range of applications.

Nitrogen generator technology

The production of nitrogen using an INMATEC nitrogen generator can be realised with two technologies. Both technologies separate the nitrogen molecules from the oxygen molecules in the ambient air.

PSA technology

Pressure swing adsorption (PSA) is based on the adsorption principle. Sterile compressed air is pressed into two adsorption containers. These are each filled with a carbon molecular sieve. The air extracted from the environment contains approx. 21% oxygen and approx. 0.04% carbon dioxide. Oxygen and carbon dioxide molecules are bound in the sieve, while the free nitrogen molecules flow into the product tank.

The result is dry nitrogen, from which between 0.50 - 10,000.00 m³ can be produced per hour with the nitrogen generator. Using the PSA or pressure swing adsorption process, nitrogen can be generated in a purity of up to 6.0 (99.9999% / 1.0 ppm residual oxygen).


Membrane technology

INMATEC nitrogen generators with membrane technology contain a hollow fibre membrane. Pressure is used to force the ambient air through this membrane. Water vapour, oxygen, nitrogen, noble gases and carbon dioxide in the air diffuse through the hollow fibre membrane at different rates depending on their molecular structure. Oxygen and nitrogen can be easily separated in the membrane as a result of these different degrees of diffusion. The pressure and quality determine the purity of the product in this regard.

With INMATEC’s membrane technology, nitrogen can be generated in a quantity of between 0.14 Nm³/h and 10,000.00 Nm³/h. The nitrogen purity is up to 2.5 (99.5% / 5000 ppm residual oxygen).


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Nitrogen generator applications

Nitrogen is used in a wide range of areas in many industries. In this context, it is mainly used as a shielding gas for inerting. Nitrogen is a highly inert gas. It is therefore used in different industries to prevent fires and explosions. To this end, it is pressed into tanks, pipelines, reactors or pits to displace the natural oxygen content in the air. This oxygen content can react with various gases and dusts resulting in fires. Examples of this include the oil and gas industry, the shipping industry, mining and tunnelling, aviation, chemicals and pharmaceuticals.

Furthermore, nitrogen can also improve product quality. In a number of processes such as soldering, arc welding and laser cutting, it is used as a cutting gas, fuel gas or as a shielding and inert gas. It displaces any oxygen present thereby preventing oxidation of the workpieces. For example, nitrogen is used in the electronics and automotive industries in this way.

It is used to degas furnaces in the metal industry. If nitrogen is not used in the furnaces, gas inclusions (e.g. hydrogen) can occur in the liquid or hardening metal. This results in poor quality and material fatigue.

Food packaging using the MAP method (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) is also done with nitrogen. In this regard, foodstuffs are packaged in a protective atmosphere composed of nitrogen. Contact between the food and oxygen and, consequently, oxidative and enzymatic reactions, is prevented in this way. The foodstuffs are therefore more durable.

In agriculture, nitrogen is used for nitrogen fertilisation in particular. Nitrogen is an important nutrient that plants convert into protein. If the nitrogen content in the soil is too low, artificially produced nitrogen can be used to compensate for this and plant growth can therefore be promoted.

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INMATEC nitrogen generator

A nitrogen generator offers the possibility of ensuring the nitrogen supply for all these applications. By using a nitrogen generator, the nitrogen can be produced on-site in accordance with requirements. INMATEC offers both stationary and mobile solutions in this regard. INMATEC nitrogen generators can be seamlessly connected to the existing compressed air system.

PSA nitrogen generator

Strong entry into the world of nitrogen
Nitrogen from 0.40 Nm³/h - 84.00 Nm³/h
Nitrogen purity from 95% to 99.999% (5.0) / 10 ppm

IMT PN OnTouch
For highly pure to ultrapure nitrogen directly on-site
Nitrogen from 0.40 Nm³/h - 84.00 Nm³/h
Nitrogen purity from 95% to 99.9999% (6.0) / 1 ppm

Your efficient entry into nitrogen generation
Nitrogen from 7.3 Nm³/h - 1424.00 Nm³/h
Nitrogen purity from 95% to 99.999% (5.0) / 10 ppm

Ultrapure nitrogen with maximum energy savings
Nitrogen from 7.3 Nm³/h - 4111.00 Nm³/h
Nitrogen purity from 95% to 99.999% (5.0) / 10 ppm

IMT Nkat
Nitrogen purities up to 99.9999% with an air factor from 2.9
Nitrogen from 0.50 Nm³/h - 10,000.00 Nm³/h
Nitrogen purity from 99,5% to 99.9999% (6.0) / 1 ppm

IMT PN EcoTube
Efficient and modular
Nitrogen from 0.70 Nm³/h - 47.20 Nm³/h
Nitrogen purity from 97% to 99.999% (5.0) / 10 ppm

IMT PN EcoTube OnGo
Energy-efficient entry into nitrogen production
Nitrogen from 0.70 Nm³/h - 47.20 Nm³/m
Nitrogen purity from 97% to 99.999% (5.0) / 10 ppm

Membrane nitrogen generator

Customised nitrogen with proven membrane technology
Nitrogen from 0.14 Nm³/h - 12.30 Nm³/h
Nitrogen purity from 95% to 99.5%

Produce nitrogen in continuous operation with proven membrane technology
Nitrogen from 4.70 Nm³/h - 160.00 Nm³/h
Nitrogen purity from 95% to 99.5%

For large, continuous nitrogen volume flows
Nitrogen from 54.00 Nm³/h - 10,000.00 Nm³/h Nitrogen purity from 95% to 99%


Nitrogen generator advantages

IMT PN OnTouch / nitrogen / nitrogen generator
  • Nitrogen production directly on-site
  • Uninterrupted nitrogen supply anywhere in the world
  • Nitrogen in the desired quantity at any time
  • Stationary and mobile
  • Lower costs in comparison to cylinders
  • Environmentally friendly


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