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Lebensmitteltechnologie - Nitrogen in the food industry


It is a well-known fact that nitrogen is used in a wide range of areas in the food industry. Examples include beverage production, beverage storage, and packaging processes for oxygen-sensitive foods.

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Chemie Technik

Chemie Technik - Use of nitrogen generators in the oil and gas industry


Anyone who produces or processes oil and gas requires nitrogen – be it for avoiding explosions or for treating and de-oiling formation water. To ensure an uninterrupted supply, it can be worthwhile to produce such gas on-site using nitrogen generators. Two examples from Russia and Austria attest to this.

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Produktion - Self-generated nitrogen reduces costs


Falcon Technologies International, located in the United Arab Emirates, ensures quality in the production of optical storage media with self-generated nitrogen: Sensitive data that must be protected from access by third parties is not usually stored by companies on what is referred to as the cloud. Due to potential security risks, such as data loss and misuse of user data, this data is often stored and archived on local optical storage media. Falcon Technologies provides suitable solutions to this end. The company's range of offers includes storage and archiving solutions that "preserve" data for up to 300 years. In order to be able to keep this promise, the company relies on excellence in the production process and uses an INMATEC generator for the onsite production of nitrogen, which is needed in the production process. 

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