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cav 10/2020

Powerful nitrogen generators


Nitrogen is used as an inert gas in chemical and pharmaceutical process technology to prevent inflammable materials and liquids in mixers, production and storage tanks and pipelines from coming into contact with oxygen, thus preventing inflammation and explosions.

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Kunststoffe International 8/20

Nitrogen on Tap – Not from the Bottle


Automotive supplier Pollmann uses an injection molding process to physically foam glassfiber-reinforced thermoplastics used in the production of electromechanical components that are installed in motor vehicles. The use of nitrogen as blowing agent makes the process more efficient and confers special properties on the components. An Inmatec generator in the Pollmann plant supplies nitrogen on demand and in the required amount.

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Oxygen generator IMT PO OnTouch 1150 for fish farming

Oxygen generator IMT PO OnTouch 1150 for fish farming


By introducing pure, self-generated oxygen, the desired stocking density and sufficient feed uptake of the animals can be guaranteed in fish and shrimp farming.

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