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Brewing and Beverage Industry 6/2020

The Blockbräu brewery in Hamburg uses self-generated nitrogen for longer taste stability


Blockbräu has won several awards for its brewing skills in recent years. The brewery with adjacent dining experience takes the finest ingredients and innovative recipes to create finely matched flavours for its various kinds of beer, thrilling thousands of visitors every week. To retain the aromas, the inn-cum-brewery in Hamburg’s premier location by the landing stages on the river Elbe uses nitrogen in the brewing process and for filling bottles and kegs. The flavour and aroma as well as the character and quality of the beer can be ensured through the environmentally friendly use of nitrogen. A nitrogen generator produces the necessary protective gas directly on site affordably and in an environmentally friendly way.

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Gemüse 12/2020 -  The magazine for professional vegetable growing

Successful lettuce growing in deep water culture with pure oxygen


The company B-Four Agro grows lettuce using the hydroponic method. The heads of lettuce, which grow in covered deep water cultures, find the ideal conditions here for quick and healthy growth. The efficient use of space, combined with a low consumption of resources, protects not only the environment but also enables the growing of lettuce at very low cost. An important component of the active hydroponic system is the sufficient supply of oxygen to the plants. This is ensured in the greenhouses of the Dutch company with an oxygen generator from Inmatec.

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Productronic 11-12/2020

Plug & Play solution for inexpensive nitrogen


Nitrogen (N2) is required for the production of electronic assemblies. In the case of soldering processes such as selective, wave or reflow soldering, the inert gas is used to prevent oxidation on circuit boards and to ensure high-quality soldered connections. Inmatec's new KomPact system for self-generation of N2 with a purity of 6.0 includes a PSA nitrogen generator as well as a hydrogen catalyst, housed on a platform to save space. The innovative combination ensures a very low air factor and thus reduces compressed air requirements and energy costs to a considerable extent.

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