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Productronic 11-12/2020

Plug & Play solution for inexpensive nitrogen


Nitrogen (N2) is required for the production of electronic assemblies. In the case of soldering processes such as selective, wave or reflow soldering, the inert gas is used to prevent oxidation on circuit boards and to ensure high-quality soldered connections. Inmatec's new KomPact system for self-generation of N2 with a purity of 6.0 includes a PSA nitrogen generator as well as a hydrogen catalyst, housed on a platform to save space. The innovative combination ensures a very low air factor and thus reduces compressed air requirements and energy costs to a considerable extent.

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Handelsblatt insert 10. November 2020

Hospitals can produce medical oxygen themselves with our generators


Medical oxygen plays an important role in medicine and research. In the current corona pandemic, however, there were delivery problems in many places. Horst Nowosad explains why there were bottlenecks and how hospitals can protect themselves. He is responsible for the medical sector at the oxygen generator manufacturer Inmatec.

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dei Lebensmittel 11-12/2020

Nitrogen cost-efficiently generated on site


Inmatec offers a wide range of nitrogen generators with which nitrogen can be produced in any desired quantity and purity in an environmentally friendly and cost-effective way. Here you can read about how the devices work, the advantages of on-site nitrogen production and the possible uses, especially in the production of wine and beer.

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