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Oxygen generator IMT PO OnTouch 1150 for fish farming

Oxygen generator IMT PO OnTouch 1150 for fish farming


By introducing pure, self-generated oxygen, the desired stocking density and sufficient feed uptake of the animals can be guaranteed in fish and shrimp farming.

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Polyscope 8/20

Cost-effective nitrogen for electronics production using modern hydrogen technology


Nitrogen is needed in the production of electronic assemblies. Nitrogen therefore features in common soldering processes such as selective, wave and reflow soldering. Its use serves to prevent oxidation on printed circuit boards and ensure high-quality soldered connections. Using generators to produce nitrogen on site thus helps reduce costs. Modern and environmentally friendly hydrogen technology makes it possible to lower compressed air requirements and, consequently, energy costs even further.

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Productronic 4/2020

Productronic - Nitrogen improves the quality of residual-current devices


Doepke Schaltgeräte uses various soldering and welding processes in the production of residual-current devices. The nitrogen (N2) required for such processes is produced by an INMATEC nitrogen generator directly on-site at the plant. The self-generated nitrogen not only reduces costs, but also improves the quality of the electronic components installed.

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