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Revue Hospitaliére Mars Avril 21

Oxygen for everyone!


Inmatec oxygen generators are designed and manufactured in Germany and distributed worldwide through distribution and service companies. Benjamin Popp, sales manager at Inmatec, tells us more about the positioning of this company in the health sector and its battle against the pandemic.

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Produktion Nr. 4/2021

This makes nitrogen production more sustainable


In addition to economic performance, companies are increasingly focusing on sustainability. Energy-saving processes are finding their way into business practice more frequently in order to protect the environment and the climate. But the use of sustainable processes also offers economic advantages. By using energy-saving hydrogen and heat recovery technologies in the context of in-house production of nitrogen (N2), not only can operating costs be saved to a significant extent. This also enables the use of federal grants.

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ZEIT-supplement "Future Medicine" 25. March 2021

Oxygen for Covid-19 vaccines and patient care


Medical oxygen is used in emergency care and vaccine production. With their own O2 generation, hospitals and pharmaceutical manufacturers secure supplies and reduce costs.

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