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Nitrogen in the brewery

CAV – dosing, conveying, mixing - Avoidance of explosions using nitrogen


Bulk material is used in many sectors of industry. The granular or powdery solids have the property of being easily pourable and are also used as precursors in the chemical, pharmaceutical and plastics industries. Bulk materials include granulates and pellets as well as powdery colour pigments and fillers. However, bulk materials can often form an ignitable mixture both during storage and processing if there is contact with oxygen. In order to avoid so-called dust explosions, inerting measures must be taken in many process steps of bulk material process engineering. Many companies in the bulk materials industry therefore use INMATEC nitrogen generators to avoid explosions.

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Oxygen generators for hospitals

KTM Krankenhaus - Technik & Management - Oxygen generators for hospitals


Oxygen is used in many areas of medical care in hospitals. The availability of oxygen often makes the difference between life and death which is why securing its supply is a top priority. The ICOT Group, which operates hospitals in several locations across the Canary Islands, uses an INMATEC oxygen generator in its newly built hospital in Telde, Gran Canaria. Experience of oxygen cylinder supply shortages on the island in the Atlantic has contributed to the Group’s decision. Moreover, the com- pany reduces costs considerably and the impact on the environment thanks to on-site production.

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Nitrogen in the brewery

Brauwelt - The use of nitrogen in the brewery


Nitrogen is used as intert gas in order to protect the beer against the ageing process.Nitrogen is used in many sectors of the food industry to prevent goods from spoiling and keep them fresh. In breweries, protective gases are used to protect the beer against the ageing process caused by the introduction of oxygen. The traditional Austrian brewery Fohrenburg previously used carbon dioxide for this purpose in its production and filling plants. After a pilot phase, the company is now opting for nitrogen. A nitrogen generator from INMATEC supplies the required amount of the gas, and in doing so, contributes to a reduction of costs involved in the brewing process.

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