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Wehrmedizin - On-site generation of oxygen with state-of-the-art generators


Oxygen is often used in the course of medical assistance and the treatment of patients. Oxygen can save lives, which is why its supply must be guaranteed at all times - even in remote regions with poor infrastructure. INMATEC, a globally leading manufacturer of oxygen generators from Germany, has been offering solutions for the self-sufficient generation of oxygen for mobile and static medicine for more than 25 years and supplies customers in more than 100 countries.

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Nitrogen generation for electronics production



The soldering of electronic assemblies takes place in an inert gas atmosphere composed of nitrogen in order to guarantee product quality. To this end, a globally leading manufacturer of electronic components and customer of INMATEC generates its nitrogen using an on-site generator and is therefore able to variably control the quantity and purity of the nitrogen. After years of experience, the company is now producing with a validated process at a nitrogen purity of 4.0 instead of the 5.0 that is customary in the industry. The company does this with undiminished high quality and significant cost savings.

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Nitrogen in the brewery

Brauwelt - Nitrogen replaces carbon dioxide


Nitrogen is used in many areas of the food industry. The gas is also being increasingly used in breweries to prevent the spoilage of beer and to keep it fresh for a prolonged period. The Bavarian company BrauKon, as a brewing equipment manufacturer and brewery, has gained intensive experience with the use of nitrogen and is familiar with the areas in which nitrogen offers breweries advantages over the use of carbon dioxide.

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