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Medical oxygen for the treatment of Karimajong, a semi-nomadic shepherd in Uganda.

Oxygen generator provides improved medical care at St. Kizito Hospital in Uganda


The St. Kizito Hospital in Matany, at the Ugandan border with Kenya and South Sudan, ensures medical care for the Karamoja region. As part of an aid project, the outdated technical infrastructure and medical technology of the hospital is currently being renewed. An Inmatec oxygen generator was also installed. The system, which was planned and installed by the German doctor Dr. Friedrich Ullrich, supplies medical oxygen for the treatment of the Karimajong, a semi-nomadic shepherd people.

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Nitrogen generator for fillijg aircraft tires

Nitrogen filling for aircraft tires to prevent fire


In order to avoid damage to aircraft tires, they are filled with nitrogen at the airport. This is also the case at one of the largest international airports, which ranks among the top 20 with more than 60 million passengers annually. A nitrogen generator from Inmatec will soon provide the required inert gas here.

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Oxygen generator for transporting fish on trawlers

Oxygen generated on board for healthy fish


Three oxygen generators will be delivered this week to a Norwegian fishing company that operates aquacultures in the cold ocean waters off Norway's coasts. In these so-called mari cultures salmon is bred to meet the large food and fish needs. The self-produced oxygen is required for the oxygen saturation of the water basins on board fish trawlers. The fish that are taken from the aquacultures are transported in these tanks. A high oxygen content in the water ensures less stress, improved health and a high quality of fish products.

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