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Oxygen generator for the AHPI in Puerto Princesa

The Adventist Hospital Palawan Inc. produces its own medical oxygen


The Adventist Hospital Palawan Inc. (AHPI) provides medical services for the people on the Philippines´ westernmost island. The ISO certified hospital in the city of Puerto Princesa is one of the top ranking medical facilities in the country. To supply the oxygen, which is needed in numerous sectors of the hospital, an INMATEC oxygen generator produces medical oxygen onsite.

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Green electricity at Inmatec

Use of green electricity at Inmatec to protect the climate and the environment


Climate and environmental sustainability play a key role for Inmatec. The market-leading manufacturer of nitrogen and oxygen generators based in Herrsching am Ammersee is switching to 100% green electricity to supply the entire organisational structure and production. This makes it possible for the company to save almost 200 tons of CO2 per year.

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Medical oxygen for hospital in the Maldives

Medical oxygen for the new building of hospital in the Maldives


The hospital, which exists since the early 80s, was completely rebuilt in order to ensure adequate care for the most populous region of the Maldives in the future. Medical oxygen is to be used in many areas of the hospital. An IMT POC 8600 provides the oxygen. Due to the great distance to the capital and the mainland, the hospital planners rely on oxygen generation directly on site. In this way, the supply can be ensured at all times.

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