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Oxygen for biogas plant

Oxygen for a UK biogas plant


A 10 'container is leaving our factory this week. The container includes a PO 2150 OnTouch oxygen generator. The oxygen produced is pumped into a biogas plant to prevent damage to the resulting alkali sulfide on the structure.

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Veterinary clinic relies on on-site generated oxygen

Veterinary clinic relies on on-site generated oxygen


Medical treatment of animals in veterinary clinics and veterinary practices today also includes the supply of oxygen. The on-site oxygen production ensures a quick and uninterrupted availability of oxygen for the benefit of the animals. A recently delivered PO 1250 OnTouch oxygen generator supplies another veterinary clinic in Germany with 1,2 m3 of oxygen per hour with a purity of 90%.

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Medical oxygen for hospital in Libya

Oxygen supply for Libyan hospital ensured


A POC Med 8950 is leaving our warehouse this week. The facility supplies medical oxygen to a large hospital in Libya. This Inmatec oxygen system is intended to improve medical care for patients in the currently tense situation in the country.

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