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Oxygen for corona / COVID patients

Inmatec switches production to improve oxygen supply for corona patients


The SARS-CoV-2 virus causes the lung disease COVID-19 in patients, which is often associated with severe breathing difficulties and pneumonia. Among other things, patients are treated with oxygen. INMATEC supports the current measures for the treatment of corona patients. Therefore, as the market leading manufacturer of nitrogen and oxygen generators, we have currently completely switched our production to the manufacturing of oxygen generators. This way we can guarantee an immediate delivery.

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Oxygen for biogas plant

Oxygen for a UK biogas plant


A 10 'container is leaving our factory this week. The container includes a PO 2150 OnTouch oxygen generator. The oxygen produced is pumped into a biogas plant to prevent damage to the resulting alkali sulfide on the structure.

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Veterinary clinic relies on on-site generated oxygen

Veterinary clinic relies on on-site generated oxygen


Medical treatment of animals in veterinary clinics and veterinary practices today also includes the supply of oxygen. The on-site oxygen production ensures a quick and uninterrupted availability of oxygen for the benefit of the animals. A recently delivered PO 1250 OnTouch oxygen generator supplies another veterinary clinic in Germany with 1,2 m3 of oxygen per hour with a purity of 90%.

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