Second location opened in Weilheim

27.01.2022 09:21
Inmatec is expanding
Inmatec is expanding

Herrsching, 27. January 2022

Inmatec is expanding

The new building complex is around 20 minutes south of the main site in Herrsching and includes a large warehouse and several offices for employees. This step creates more space for the growing company and improves logistics.

The building in the Trifthof commercial area, which has an area of 450 m2, offers additional space for several employees who work in a total of 4 offices. Because last year alone, 13 new employees joined the company and numerous other recruitments are planned for 2022 in order to be able to cover the high demand for the nitrogen and oxygen generators marketed worldwide.

In addition, the large storage area is used to store a wide variety of preliminary and end products. The global shortage of goods and the worsening of the delivery situation require this measure to ensure the quick availability of Inmatec products in the future. In addition to turnkey, pre-manufactured standard systems, a wide variety of components such as pressure vessels, compressors, refrigeration and adsorption dryers are stored in a weatherproof manner.

“The location was chosen because the local proximity to the headquarters in Herrsching enables the production halls to be supplied promptly. In this way, material can be delivered in the desired quantity at the desired time just in time to fulfill current customer orders. The outsourcing frees up space in the Herrsching plant that can be used as production space, among other things," says the site manager in Weilheim, Benjamin Popp.


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