Oxygen generator for biogas plant

12.05.2020 14:59
Desulphurization in a biogas plant with oxygen

Herrsching, 12. May 2020

Desulphurization in a biogas plant with oxygen

An Inmatec PO 1450 oxygen generator will be delivered to a mechanical engineering company this week. The well-known company specializes in the planning and manufacture of turnkey biogas plants. The Inmatec generator is used for desulfurization to avoid damage to the biogas plant.


The biogas plant manufacturer realizes plant concepts on customer request. Customers are supported from the planning to the completion of their biogas plant. The fermenters of the biogas plants can be used for liquid manure, manure, renewable raw materials or feed residues, amongst other things, to produce biogas. For the operators of the plants, this means reduced disposal costs and sustainable, environmentally friendly energy generation. However, the biomass used often has a high sulfur content. This is contained in the produced biogas as hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and forms, together with other substances, an acidic and corrosive mixture named alkali sulfide. Damage to system parts is the result.

In order to avoid damage to the sold biogas plant, the biogas plant manufacturer relies on oxygen generators from Inmatec. A PO 1450 oxygen generator supplied with the system introduces 3.6 m3 of oxygen per hour with a purity of 90% into the fermenter. In this way, the biogas plant is desulphurized, because the addition of O2 promotes the development of bacteria that microbially decompose the hydrogen sulfide.


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