Oxygen container for fish farm in Norway's fjords

30.06.2020 16:26
Stressfreie Fische durch selbsterzeugten Sauerstoff

Herrsching, 30. June 2020

Stress-free fish through self-generated oxygen

A 15 foot container will be delivered to a fish farm this week. The container, which in addition to an oxygen generator also contains compressors and buffer storage, is used on a platform in the sea to supply a mariculture with oxygen.


Maricultures are offshore aquaculture systems in which fish are kept in net enclosures for breeding. The enclosures are ventilated from the platform with self-generated oxygen, as high oxygen saturation in the water relieves the stress of the animals, promotes their health and supports the high quality of the fish products. The stocking density and thus the cost-effectiveness of the system can be increased by ventilation via extensive pipe systems.

The POC 8400 oxygen generator produces oxygen with a purity of 93% from the ambient air. In two containers filled with adsorption granulate, the oxygen is separated from the other components in the air, such as nitrogen, CO2 and argon. The amount of oxygen generated on the platform is 26 m3 per hour. In this way, large oxygen tanks do not have to be delivered and replaced. This ensures an uninterrupted oxygen supply to the offshore plant at all times.

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