Medical oxygen for the new building of hospital in the Maldives

17.12.2019 09:33
Medizinischer Sauerstoff für Krankenhaus auf den Malediven

Herrsching, December 17, 2019


An INMATEC IMT POC 8600 oxygen generator provides the medical oxygen for the biggest hospital in the region


The hospital was originally built with UNICEF funds and is located on a Maldives island, which is more than 500 km south of the capital Male. The hospital, which started with 14 beds, ensures medical care for the 11,000 residents living on the island and the people of the neighboring atolls. Since then, the hospital has grown rapidly and the currently 50 beds are no longer sufficient.

In order to ensure adequate care for the most populous region of the Maldives in the future, a completely new hospital has now been built. In the future, it will cover the areas of magnetic resonance imaging, computer tomography, dialysis, urology, nephrology, pulmonary medicine, cardiology and pediatric intensive care and includes 100 beds and several operating theaters. The new building has now been completed and is currently being equipped with medical equipment and the necessary inventory. The opening will take place on December 15, 2019.

Medical oxygen is to be used in many areas of the hospital. An IMT POC 8600 provides the oxygen. It delivers around 54 m3 of medical oxygen per hour and is housed in the technical room of the building. The oxygen purity is 93% and meets the requirements for use in the health sector. Due to the great distance to the capital and the mainland, the hospital planners rely on oxygen generation directly on site. In this way, the supply can be ensured at all times.



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