Information regarding the current situation at Inmatec

28.04.2023 13:39
Our business continues
Inmatec Herrsching

Herrsching, March 14, 2023

Information regarding the current situation at Inmatec

Some of our business partners received a letter last week. This letter came from a competitor who is trying to establish a newly acquired company and expand his portfolio. It contained misleading and partly false information.


For you as our business partners, the following is important to know:

  1. Due to difficulties of the parent company Xebec in Canada, Inmatec had to file for provisional insolvency proceedings in self-administration with the aim of finding new shareholders.

  2. Our business continues. We are still available for you with our services without any restrictions!

  3. With its good products and excellent service, Inmatec is in secure financial position at the moment.

  4. INMATEC is currently in contact with a number of investors who are interested in acquiring the company and shaping its future.

  5. If you have any questions due to irritating information from the market, we look forward to your call or mail.

For all further information concerning the facts of the restructuring of INMATEC, please refer to the enclosed letter.

We are confident that we will be able to contribute to your success with our services in the future as well and would like to thank you for your past and future trust.



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