Environmental protection in industry

07.04.2022 10:39
Reduce your own CO2 footprint with Inmatec products
Reduce your own CO2 footprint with Inmatec products
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Herrsching, 07. April 2022

Reduce your own CO2 footprint with Inmatec products

The CO2 footprint is playing an increasingly important role for customers, banks and investors, and companies are increasingly focusing on sustainable production. Inmatec therefore offers its customers resource and energy-saving technologies. This protects the environment and climate, opens up competitive advantages and increases profitability.

Inmatec offers integrated solutions that help to significantly reduce the primary energy requirement when generating N2. With the help of innovative technologies such as PNC technology and NKat hydrogen technology, the compressed air requirement for N2 generation is significantly reduced. The technical innovations make it possible to produce a larger quantity of high-purity nitrogen with a significantly reduced energy consumption and a compressed air factor below 3.0.

Investing in Inmatec technologies for the economical use of natural resources supports sustainable production in terms of ESG (environmental, social and corporate governance). The investments pay off for customers in various ways:

  • The reduction of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions during production makes a significant contribution to avoiding rising temperatures and further man-made climate change.
  • Future-oriented companies benefit economically from the savings in energy costs from their sustainable actions.
  • Environmental sustainability is becoming a competitive factor as more companies scrutinize the ESG profile of their suppliers and customers increasingly consider the sustainability of the products they buy.




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