Counteract skyrocketing energy costs

05.04.2022 11:16
Inmatec N2 technologies enable great savings
Inmatec N2 technologies enable great savings

Herrsching, 05. April 2022

Inmatec N2 technologies enable great savings

All energy-related costs are skyrocketing. Rising electricity and energy costs also mean rising prices for liquid nitrogen, since production and transport of liquid nitrogen are very energy-intensive activities. Manufacturing companies are therefore looking for energy and cost-saving alternatives. Innovative Inmatec technologies such as the NKat hydrogen catalyst for the energy-saving production of nitrogen (N2) directly on site are able to reduce the costs for the nitrogen supply by more than 80% compared to liquid nitrogen.

Nitrogen is a valuable raw material for industry, which is indispensable in many production steps in a wide variety of industries. Without the inert gas, which prevents oxidation, fires and explosions, it would be unimaginable to manufacture numerous products in areas such as electronics, food or metal safely and with impeccable quality.

On-site N2 generation saves money

With the help of PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) technology, the required nitrogen can also be generated directly on site from the ambient air. One or two-stage nitrogen generators from INMATEC enable the generation of nitrogen at very low costs thanks to innovative flow and turbulence technology. Combining PSA with NKat further reduces production costs, dramatically below liquid nitrogen costs. The use of the waste heat that arises from the on-site N2 generation offers further savings potential and protects the environment. In this way, our customers realize their competitiveness in the short term and protect themselves against price increases in the long term.



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