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13.03.2019 10:19

Article Wehrmagazin 04/2018

Securing the oxygen supply for medical assistance in remote locations

Oxygen is often used in the course of medical assistance and the treatment of patients. Oxygen can save lives, which is why its supply must be guaranteed at all times – even in remote regions with poor infrastructure. INMATEC, a globally leading manufacturer of oxygen generators from Germany, has been offering solutions for the self-sufficient generation of oxygen for mobile and static medicine for more than 25 years and supplies customers in more than 100 countries.

The mobile solutions by INMATEC include at least one oxygen production line, depending on requirements, consisting of an air compressor with filtration, an oxygen generator, and a booster with cylinder rack for cylinder filling. Configured in a 10 or 20-foot mobile steel container, the ensemble can be deployed anywhere and produces the amount of oxygen required by the customer with up to 95% purity for operation of medical facilities. The generators used comply with the standards of the European Pharmacopeia for medical applications and are SQS certified. The ICOT Group's specialist neurological clinic in Gran Canaria, for example, uses this concept for anaesthesia and ventilation in its operating theatres and fills cylinders for its mobile emergency vehicles. INMATEC supplies further mobile, customer-specific solutions in the field of mobile care, such as for air-ambulances or mobile medical treatment stations. Such solutions can be used flexibly and quickly in war and crisis zones to establish a clinical oxygen supply.

Sauerstoffgenerator von INMATEC

Image: MT PO 1450 OnTouch oxygen generator by INMATEC in a waterproof and sealed container with CSC approval from Germanischer Lloyd and fireproof insulation for the customer ZMS for connection to a medical treatment station in crisis areas. © INMATEC

The Tamale Teaching Hospital with its 400 beds, located in the remote north of Ghana, also supplies its patients using an INMATEC oxygen system after oxygen supply shortages had occurred repeatedly in the past. The system, which also has a filling station for 40 cylinders, was installed both stationary and on-site in the utility room of the hospital. INMATEC offers a further stationary solution with its platforms on which the entire system is pre-assembled and ready for connection upon delivery. This eliminates the need for time-consuming installation work. Many customers, such as Gaz Plus in Togo, rely on this solution to supply nearby hospitals with filled oxygen cylinders.


published in Wehrmedizin und Wehrpharmazie 04/18

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