Powerful nitrogen generators

27.10.2020 13:11
Leistungsfähige Stickstoffgeneratoren
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Article cav 10/2020


Nitrogen is used as an inert gas in chemical and pharmaceutical process technology to prevent inflammable materials and liquids in mixers, production and storage tanks and pipelines from coming into contact with oxygen, thus preventing inflammation and explosions. Inmatec's PNC nitrogen generators generate N2 directly on site from the ambient air with purities of 95 to 99.999%. Their capacity reaches up to 2,850 m3 per generator and hour. The PNC technology works very efficiently thanks to its special flow technology, combined with an advanced vortex technology, and is characterized by low compressed air requirements. This saves energy and costs by up to 60%. The elimination of nitrogen supply by truck also relieves the burden on the environment.


Published in the print magazine "cav 10/2020"


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cav 10/2020
cav 10/2020

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