Oxygen generator IMT PO OnTouch 1150 for fish farming

09.07.2020 14:48
Self generation of oxygen for fish farming with generator from inmatec
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Article Fischmagazin 7/2020


By introducing pure, self-generated oxygen, the desired stocking density and sufficient feed uptake of the animals can be guaranteed in fish and shrimp farming.


For this purpose, the Inmatec oxygen generator produces the oxygen in an environmentally friendly manner on site and provides it in the exact amount required at all times. The need-based enrichment with pure oxygen (up to 90%) greatly simplifies the work for breeders. Oxygen fluctuations in the water caused by the increased oxygen uptake after feeding or by fluctuating temperatures are easily compensated for by the oxygen generator and ensure optimal oxygen saturation at all times - even in hot summers. The pure oxygen dissolved in the water has many advantages. It improves feed uptake, reduces feed consumption and increases the general health and growth of fish and shrimps. Simple operation as well as continuous measurement and monitoring of all operating values allow use in small and large aquacultures.

Published in Fischmagazin Special Edition Seafood Fair 2020

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Fischmagazin Special Edition Seafood Fair 2020
Seafood Fair 2020

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