Hospitals can produce medical oxygen themselves with our generators

10.11.2020 10:12
Interview with Horst Nowosad, Sales and Project Engineer at Inmatec
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Article Handelsblatt insert 10. November 2020


Interview with Horst Nowosad, Sales & Project Engineer at Inmatec

Medical oxygen plays an important role in medicine and research. In the current corona pandemic, however, there were delivery problems in many places. Horst Nowosad explains why there were bottlenecks and how hospitals can protect themselves. He is responsible for the medical sector at the oxygen generator manufacturer Inmatec.


Why is medical oxygen so important right now?

As we now know, the lung disease COVID-19 caused by the corona virus leads to pneumonia in severe cases, which hinders the gas exchange in the lungs and leads to an insufficient supply of oxygen for the organism. To restore the oxygen saturation of the blood, nasal high-flow oxygen therapy is used, or even invasive ventilation if necessary. Recent studies also show a positive effect for the use of what is known as hyperbaric oxygenation in a pressure chamber. However, the need for medical oxygen increased during the pandemic due to the frequent use of these forms of therapy. This led to a shortage of liquid oxygen in numerous European and non-European countries.

How can this supply problem be solved?

By producing medical oxygen on site. Medical oxygen is an approved finished drug, but its use in hospitals is based on an old regulation, according to which its purity should be at least 99.5 percent. Only liquid oxygen offers this purity. However, the European Pharmacopoeia has also permitted the use of 93 percent oxygen for many years. Hospitals can generate this themselves with the help of PSA technology via a generator. In this way you protect yourself from delivery bottlenecks and at the same time save costs of up to 60%.

How do you ensure compliance with medical standards for self-generated oxygen?

At Inmatec, we produce innovative and energy-saving generators with which hospitals can produce their own medical oxygen. These generators are designed and developed according to strict quality management specifications and certified in accordance with the Medical Device Directive 93/42 / EEC. The gas quality of the oxygen produced corresponds to the standards of the European Pharmacopoeia for medical applications. With a purity of up to 95 percent, the self-produced oxygen is not only used in clinics, but also by our pharmaceutical and biotech customers for the oxygen enrichment of fermentation reactors for drug production. The self-generated oxygen is extremely inexpensive and environmentally friendly. Our customers see all these advantages - and so we have already installed more than 8,500 systems worldwide. During the pandemic, demand more than doubled again.


Published in Handelsblatt insert "publicateur, 10. November 2020"

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publicateur Handelsblatt insert Nov. 2020
publicateur Handelsblatt insert Nov. 2020

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Hospitals can produce medical oxygen themselves with our generators
Oxygen onsite production

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