medical oxygen

Medical Oxygen

Oxygen from 0,5 Nm³/h - 2.000,00 Nm³/h
Oxygen purity up to 95%

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For high-purity to ultrapure medical oxygen generation directly on-site

Oxygen is often used in general medicine, medical assistance and emergency medicine. The availability of medical oxygen can make the difference between life and death. For this reason, it is essential to ensure the oxygen supply at all times.

The on-site production of medical oxygen using INMATEC oxygen generators enables continuous, reliable and cost-effective supply for mobile and static medicine. Our generators of the INMATEC POC Med series for medical O2 have been specially designed and developed to supply oxygen in medical facilities in accordance with strict quality guidelines.

Our generators therefore meet the standards of ISO 13485:2016 for the quality management system for medical device manufacturers and 7396-1:2016 for pipeline systems for medical gases. With an oxygen purity of 93%-95% they meet the requirements of the European Pharmacopoeia for medical applications. In addition, the oxygen generators of the POC Med series are certified in accordance with the Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC.

The IMT POC Med series offers all of the advantages of a fully integrated oxygen generating system. All relevant operating values, such as oxygen purity, are continuously measured and monitored. The measured values are logged and can be read on the INMATEC touch control panel. Thanks to state-of-the-art remote control technology, IMT medical oxygen generation systems can be monitored and operated from anywhere in the world using a computer workstation, tablet or smartphone. The Industry 4.0 standard is a real innovation for your security and offers you the best possible protection for the entire manufacturing process.

The oxygen generators, which have been optimised for the medical field, guarantee optimum oxygen quality, a continuous supply of medical oxygen, and savings from the very first minute. Generate your own oxygen from now on.

medical oxygen

The oxygen generator for or mobile and static medicine from INMATEC

  • IMT POC Med (medical oxygen, oxygen purity up to 95%)


Do you need individual advice for medical oxygen? Please contact us here for personal advice on onsite production of medical oxygen. Our expert staff will be happy to help you!

Supply of medical oxygen for hospitals

Medical oxygen supply for hospitals

INMATEC is the market leader for oxygen generators for the onsite production of oxygen.

We offer efficient solutions in the field of onsite clinical gas generation for your hospital all over the world.

With INMATEC med oxygen generators not only are you being environmentally conscious and sustainable, you are also saving as much as 80% - from the very first minute of operation.


This is an calculation for an averaged sized hospital's or clinic's medical oxygen need and consumption:

  Consumtion of a hospital (sample)


100 hospital beds

46 l/h

2,76 Nm3/h

15,96 Nm3/h ≡ PO 3250

2 intensive care beds

110 l/h

6,6 Nm3/h

2 operation rooms

110 l/h

6,6 Nm3/h

  + Bottle filling per 24 h, max. filling pressure: 137 bar

8 bottles

x 47,2 Liter

2,2 Nm3/h

18,1 Nm3/h ≡ PO 3350

We base our calculations on the Health Technical Memorandum.


All oxygen generators of the IMT POC Med series are meeting international standards required for oxygen production in the medical and pharmaceutical sector.

Our staff is well-trained to calculate the medical oxygen gas for the special needs and individual consumption of your hospital.

INMATEC has stood for precise and quality-conscious compression, dependable technology and german quality workmanship for the last 20 years.

Free yourself from tanks, transport, bundles, bottles and supply shortages with direct on site medical oxygen generation using POC Med generators from INMATEC.

Your advantages

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  • Oxygen at any time and at any place
  • Cost-effective through low operating costs
  • Sophisticated and reliable technology
  • Exact purity for every application
  • No rental commitments as with bottles/bundles and tank systems
  • No CO2 pollution for the environment
  • No hazardous goods
  • No risk of explosion
  • In-house placement and production

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